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Stellar Cityscapes

Cities are amazing places full of life, light and progress. This is a collection of some of our top picks from our most talented cityscape artists.

Amazing Abstracts

These are some of our personal favorites. These eye-catching abstracts go great in any home or office setting.

Vibrant Color

These colorful works of art are guaranteed to make people stop and look twice.

Lush Landscapes

Landscapes are a classic subject of original artwork. This curated collection of landscapes will make you wish you were there.

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Featured Artists

“My greatest inspiration is colour; I am fascinated by how certain colours and combinations of colours can evoke all sorts of emotions within people.” Carolyn Jerrard

UppstArt Artist

“I am particularly interested in my work being metaphoric of the mind. The essence of something, or subject, can manifest in different ways.  Its’ life perhaps an emergent quality, which is not quite the sum or the parts.  The “crowd” series in particular, is a celebration of the community of self, and the spirit of interconnection. “ John F. Gerrard

UppstArt Artist

“I strongly believe that allowing my intuitive inner knowledge to be a dominant factor while working is what keeps my artwork fresh and real.  While subject matter varies, this outlook defines each piece as mine.” Janice Mather

UppstArt Artist

“The creative spirit comes from within” Kato Rempel

UppstArt Artist

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Technology is changing the way we experience art, and vice versa.

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