Logging into the admin panel

Sometimes you may need to edit your artwork details such as the description, price, dimensions etc. Additionally, you may want to set your artwork as “out of stock” when it has sold otherwise than through UppstArt, or if you are going on vacation or exhibiting the work at a gallery and would not be able to ship the art within 72 hours if it sold on UppstArt.

To edit your artwork, log in to your account on UppstArt and look at the very top navigation bar on the page. You should see an extra admin bar with an icon that says “UppstArt”. Click that button to go to your admin panel.

If you do not see the top navigation bar after logging in to your account, please go to https://uppstart.io/wp-admin/profile.php, click “show admin toolbar when viewing site” and then click “update profile” at the bottom of the page. The admin bar should show after doing this. If you are still having problems seeing the admin bar then please contact us for assistance. 


Updating your profile and bio

Once you have logged into your admin panel, you can click “profile” to update your bio, social media accounts and password.

Editing Artwork

To edit artwork, make sure you are in your admin panel and click “products” on the left side-bar.

On the products page, you will see a list of all of the artwork you have uploaded and it’s publishing status. If the artwork has been approved by UppstArt then it will say “published”; otherwise it will say “pending”. Please be patient after uploading your artwork as it takes UppstArt time to review and approve your work. However, you are free to edit uploaded artwork before or after it has been approved.

To edit the artwork, click on the title of the artwork you would like to modify.

The first thing you will see is the title and description box for your art. To change the title, simply delete the text in the title bar and insert the correct title. Please update the “permalink” field as well so that the url of your artwork reflects the actual title of the work.

To change the description, simply edit the description field.

Ignore all fields that are crossed out in the screenshot below. These are irrelevant and are only used for admin purposes (you will not be able to use them).

In the “WPUF Custom Fields” box, you will be able to see all of the information you uploaded via the artwork upload form. This is the information UppstArt uses to approve your art. Feel free to edit the information in this box. However, please note that the “price” field in this box does not change the price of the artwork. In order to change the price you will need to change it in the “product data” box further down the page. Additionally, note that changing the “additional images” in this box will not change the images of your artwork. To change, add or remove images, you will need to use the “Product Image” and “Product Gallery” boxes on the right side of the page. The “Product Image” is the main image of your art while the images in the “Product Gallery” are the extra images that show below your main image (e.g. detail photos, contextual photos, close ups, edges etc.)

Other boxes you will see are the “categories” and “product tags” boxes. You can select appropriate categories and enter descriptive tags for your artwork here to help collectors search for and find your art on the site. Please ensure categories and tags are accurate as UppstArt does review these periodically for relevancy and accuracy.

The next box you will see is the “product data” box. This is the box that controls the price of your art, whether it is in stock or out of stock and limited edition print options (if applicable).

For original works of art, ensure you are using “simple product.” For limited edition prints, see further below on this page.

To change the price of your art, use the “Regular price” field. To set it on sale, set the sale price in the “Sale price” field

Next, click the “inventory” tab, ensure the “manage stock?” box is checked, stock quantity is equal to 1 (for original works of art), backorders are not allowed, low stock threshold is set to 1 or higher and the “sold individually” box is checked.

After your changes have been made, click the “update” button on the right of the page.

Setting artwork as sold

If your artwork has sold other than on UppstArt, either delete the artwork or set the “stock quantity” in the “product data” box (see above) to “0”, and then update the artwork.

Setting artwork on “vacation mode”

If you are going on vacation, showing the work in a gallery or otherwise will be temporarily unable to ship the artwork within 72 hours if it sells, please use the “Publish Box” to set the status of your artwork to “draft”. Draft products will not be reviewed or approved by UppstArt. When you want to re-list your artwork, simply set the status to “published”, or, if you do not have the permissions to do so, set it to “pending review” and UppstArt will approve it and list it for you.

Limited Edition Prints

To set the price and quantity of limited edition prints, go to the “product data” box (see above for instructions on where this is located).

Switch from “simple product” to “variable product.”

Next, set the stock quantity to the maximum amount of prints and/or originals you are offering. For example if you have 10 limited edition prints in 10”x”10 and 20 in 30” x 30” and one original work then the stock quantity would be “31”.

Next, navigate to the “Attributes” tab, select “limited edition print sizes” as a custom product attribute and click “add”.

Then enter the dimensions of each size of your limited edition print in the “Value(s)” bar. Each option must be separated with a vertical bar “|”.

Ensure the “visible on product page” and “used for variations” are checked and click “save attributes”.

Next, click the “Variations” tab and click “go” next to “add variations”

Be sure to click “go” to add a variation for each of the sizes of limited edition print plus one for the original if you are selling the original as well.

For each variation, select the dropdown menu next to it and select the appropriate limited edition print size. See below as an example.

Next, hover over the appropriate variation size (e.g. #210818 in the above example) and click it to expand the menu.

Ensure that “enabled” and “manage stock” are checked. Then enter the price and stock quantity.

Do this for each limited edition print size (variation)

Next, click “Save Changes” and wait for it to save.

Then click “update” on the right side of the page to finish.