Art Proctor

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“I am a storyteller and film and digital media professional. I connect people. I forecast the future. I rant often. I solve problems. I like to cook. I sing badly.” - Art Proctor

Art Proctor is a seasoned award recognized arts and creative industries veteran and social enterprise advocate. He is a well-traveled, outspoken cultural catalyst and socio-political unwilling profit and futurist.

He is a connector, AR / VR advocate, story coach, project management, social digital community manager and art tech diplomat. He is most known for his cultural walking tours ArtwalkwithArt. (

He has been a Digital Media and Arts Admin Consultant in the corporate and entertainment industry for ten years - developing and implementing digital media strategies and tactical initiatives.

Art has worked with:

  • Social Media Breakfast Calgary
  • Sqrlzinc
  • JazzYYC
  • IATSE 212
  • Calgary Expo PR
  • Edmonton International Film Festival
  • Red Door Brands
  • Chronograph Records
  • Story World Quest Transmedia Conference


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