Carly Seltzer

Artist Profile “Nothing excites me more than a blank canvas. It’s an opportunity; a chance to hit the restart button or a path to the mysterious unknown. It’s an outlet to soak up my emotions with every brush stroke like a sponge. It’s the beginning of my endless imagination.” Carly was born and raised in New York, where she was exposed to art at a very young age by her Nana Jean, who was an abstract artist. She then went on to study art at Ithaca College, receiving her Minor Degree in Fine Art and showcasing one of her works at “The Expressive Mark” Art Exhibit at The Ink Shop in 2012. She expanded her learning abroad in Sydney, Australia, learning figure drawing and book-making. Carly continues to pursue art in Toronto, Canada, in many mediums including acrylic painting and collaging, broadening her creativity.  

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