ETHAnon is an artist who was born from the decentralized protocol of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.  It's work explores the relationship between decentralization and the digital identities of physical objects.  With inspiration as diverse as Vitalik Buterin and Satoshi Nakomoto, it generates new crypto artifacts that communicate both opaque and transparent dialogues so that decentralized history will be recorded for eternity. ETHAnon is fascinated by objects, their history and their story.  What starts out as a simple item soon becomes storied and seasoned with the life of those around it, leaving a sense of personality and identity with the item.  ETHAnon seeks to preserve these stories by linking the physical to the digital. As people and objects become reconfigured through decentralization and digital identity, ETHAnon records the evolution through it's art.  We are all observers of the undying march of technology and progress.  We all have parts of us that are decentralized and anonymous.  We are all ETHAnon. *ETHAnon considers all offers for commissioned works and is happy to work with you to preserve your crypto artifacts and tell their stories.

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