Gavin O'Donoghue

Creating colourful uplifting art fusing traditional art with pop art and contemporary. Currently Gavin is working on 'My First Canvas' which uses the principles of Art Therapy to creating bright friendly pieces for Hospitals and public spaces. His work has been shown on RTE News and has been shown in some of Dublin's popular galleries. Gavin's pieces have auctioned for The Scoop Art Auction, Dublin and Art for NSPCC in The Mac Belfast. Subjects in Gavin's works include a range of Vintage Care Bears, the first of which was in an auction in Belfast which also featured pieces by Hirst and Warhol. Gavin is continually experimenting with new methods and materials to bring the best out of his art pieces. Find Gavin on Instagram by clicking here. Exhibitions: Art & Health, National Childrens Hospital Ireland Art for NSPCC, The Mac, Belfast The annual Scoop Charity Art Auction 2009 - 2014 Edible Art, The Doorway Gallery, Dublin 2014

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