Heather Munsie

“Trying to capture fleeting moments is what inspires me. My work is based in realism but taken a step further. I strive to capture the atmosphere and believe that a painting should go beyond reflecting likeness –it should tell a story about the subject. Life is truly beautiful and I’m honoured to share my perspective in the form of paintings.” Heather was raised in Calgary and worked as a professional geologist – after six years and careful reflection, she decided that her true passions laid elsewhere. She had dabbled with painting as a hobby previously and had planned to paint while she decided on her next career move. She enrolled in a painting retreat and her heart sang while outside, soaking up nature and learning from incredible artists. She thought she would end up somewhere practical with a defined path, but the more she painted, the more she knew in her heart that she needed to pursue art professionally. Since taking the plunge, she paints daily in her studio or outside. Art is permeating all aspects of her life, as even on vacation she brings her paints so that she can capture each moment in a unique way. Despite her commitment to art professionally, she still finds herself pondering rock formations while painting the contours.

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