Helen Menyes

"The artwork that I am interested in creating comes from the passion of understanding how art influences people, how it connects to their subconscious mind and how it heals the soul.  Art can uplift the spirit and transform the energy in a room." Originally from Ontario, Helen moved to Kelowna in 1991 and now resides there. She was trained as graphic art designer & graduated in 1980. Helen's work has varied from design, paintings and fibre art, to large murals in Vancouver and Kelowna. She has worked in the film industry since 2003 in Vancouver and Kelowna as a scenic artist. Helen designed labels for Summerhill Pyramid Winery for their Sparkling Wine. In 1999 she handpainted 2000 bottles. Their sparkling wine, a Chardonnay Cuvee bottled in 1991, was entered into the Chardonnay DuMode in 2000 and won the best in the world after 2 blindfold tastings. The French could not believe that a non-European wine could win such a prestigious award. Helen also designed the massive stained-glass window emplacement that is in the Summer Hill Winery dining room. Last fall Helen and another artist painted a mural of the Okanagan landscape on the Summer Hill Winery warehouse wall that was 150'x 30'.

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