John F. Gerrard

Artist Profile "My work is meant to evoke an energy and illusion of movement: To be busy but balanced.  Sometimes the drawings are maps, maybe variations of a person.  Sometimes I am creating a scene.  As I continue to develop my visual language and symbology, I hope to find gestures that are in some way universal. There is something fundamentally human about making art.  The mystery of it all keeps me coming back to explore it again and again.  Making images in this way creates a closeness to an instinctual region in the brain that I am interested in fostering.  I am particularly interested in the work being metaphoric of the mind.  The essence of something, or subject can manifest in different ways.  Its life perhaps an emergent quality, which is not quite the sum or the parts.  The “crowd” series in particular, is a celebration of the community of self, and the spirit of interconnection.  From far away there is an abstract shape that can function much like a cloud does in that we can impose meaning.  Up close they are meant to be little people.  Quick gestures that are each unique.  I am in the early stages of exploring what this work means to me." John F. Gerrard grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is in the early stages of his painting practice.  In his teens and 20s, John was active creatively as a musician, touring across North America and playing locally. During this time he got his feet wet with visual art, doing graphic design work for bands and small businesses.  John went to ACAD to study drawing and became obsessed with creating with charcoal and paint.  He would leave ACAD to work at a commercial sign company, until deciding to pursue his art practice full time.  Since making this decision a couple of years ago, he has been busy with markets and group shows, as well as six solo show opportunities.  A highlight for John was the recent exhibition of 31 of his paintings for the Calgary Stampede Dream Home by Homes by AVI.  He is looking forward to developing his visual style further, and is particularly excited about his plans to get involved with murals in the public art realm.  It is amazing for John to see Calgary continue to grow as an artistic community and he is proud to be a part of it.

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