Marie Manon Corbeil

Marie-Manon is a visual artist specializing in abstract art and contemporary composition.  She was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1960.  Only since her move to Calgary, Alberta, in 2010, has she been able to focus on her full-time passion. Largely self-taught, she studied for several years at the Calgary School of Art and took part in workshops with Jean Pederson and Mario Robinson.  She is pursuing continuing education online with Robert Burridge.  She has participated in numerous art exhibitions in and around Calgary and her work has been sold to many private worldwide (United State, Dubai, London, Canada) collectors and is presented in a variety of commercial and professional contexts. Her paintings are created through spontaneous and intuitive responses while being engaged in her work.  Her style is to mix shapes and colors in layers, both comforting and familiar.  Each canvas is emotionally charged, which is demonstrated by the movement of brushes, fingers and other elements to the superposition of rich colors.  What emerges is a very emotional and personal visual display. Marie Manon paints what she feels. This is her way of expressing herself!

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