Matt Zonca

“To me, image making is an uplifting journey - A bridge to other worlds colourful and dynamic as much as to our own. Rolling with the tide. Watching it go back and forth.” Matt Zonca was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and via family, social and work settings has been involved in art, design and photography at various times in his life. Along the way his enthusiasm for discovery and artistic experimentation on fresh ways of making images has lead him to partake in various solo and group shows, artist residencies and to occasionally tutor others back home in Australia in matters such as pinhole photography and camera making. Themes that Matt tends to work on deal with our connections to nature. Equally, they address our fragile, ever changing relationships with war, technology and the environment. Within these, Matt feels that he's observing a challenge faced by us all; That as individuals we all must try to get along with one another, as much as try to understand and foster the greater world around us. Many of the images that Matt creates come from found objects and scenes in nature as much as in the city around him. Every so often these are also combined with 2D-3D software models, bits of which are added into each theme and idea that he's working on. Earlier studies and work in graphic design have also encouraged Matt to understand and to show respect for the formal, technical processes involved in photography and art. This has led to him to create images that help bring these two realms together. Now based in Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom, Matt has returned to his image making practice, keen to push the creative boundaries in his own work as always. Let the journey continue. Check out developments on Matt's work at:

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