Ray Istre

"Clashing colors harmonize when seen through rose colored glasses" Born in Crowley, Louisiana and influenced by his older brothers to take up the brush, Ray Istre understood artistic elements at an early age. In his early years, Ray tirelessly studied classical and modern art, allowing him to  interpret various techniques in his mind before going into painting. He combined these visual experiences with an astute observation of nature. His earliest work was in ink and pencil where design was paramount. Regarding color, Ray figured that any painting with clashing colors could be unified by a transparent glaze of one color mixing with all the others. This allowed more concentration on design, values between light and dark and texture, leaving color to be tweaked with a single glaze. Winning a scholarship in Art to LSU for one year, the artist made the Dean's List and took out a loan for the first semester of the second year. After that, he decided not to go into debt any further and took a regular job while still doing art. He moved to Russellville, Arkansas, working and traveling around the country building and selling wooden toys. From there he moved to Waco, Texas, where he opened an art studio in the downtown area, living in the very large space. There he produced mono-prints, paintings, drawings, commissioned works, commercial signs and songs. After years of basic subsistence living, at the age of 50 Ray considered that it was time to make some money and began trading stocks. Ten years later, with an answer to prayer and success in investing, he is now living comfortably in the Texas Hill Country, 130 miles west of Austin, Texas, on 36 acres, growing fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. He incorporates a creative lifestyle in everything he does and still paints, plays guitar, working by inspiration, much like he always has. History of works and showings: Series of monoprint, original graphics, on the Consciousness of Time. Art of Bitcoin series of paintings. Series of drawings called, “Louisiana Faces”. Ugly Jesus project including sketches and book. Mural featuring Ted Nugent, in Waco, TX. Uncle Ted was there for the unveiling. Twice featured Singer/Songwriter on the Texas Music Cafe (on 45+ PBS TV Stations). Published Cartoons on Kitco.com, World #1 Precious Metals and News Web Site. Album Cover Portrait of Tom Netherton of the Lawrence Welk Show, for WORD Records. Currently working on e-books, songs, stories and art. Art of Bitcoin by Ray Istre has been seen or featured in articles on the following sites: Coin Cafe by Emily Faber: https://blog.coincafe.com/2015/12/04/ray-istre/ Spendabit.co: https://spendabit.co/blog/may-is-art-month BlockChain.com: https://blog.blockchain.com/2015/12/05/bitcoin-news-for-the-week-of-113015/ Motherboard by Victoria Turk: http://motherboard140.rssing.com/browser.php?indx=6898904&item=6442 Ray Istre's web site: http://www.rayistre.com/art-of-bitcoin/

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