Maid Cahabonera


Sold By : Alfredo Molina
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Cahabonera women gained fame for preparing a mashed chiles wrapped in tusa (the husk of a corn cob).  In this painting we see a Cahabonera woman with a chili braided in tusa ready for sale in an attitude of thanks to her deity.  The Cahabonera woman played a very important role in Mayan spirituality.

Acrylic painting on canvas mounted to wooden board
Ready to Hang
Signed on front
24″ w x 31″ h

More About The Doncella Cahabonera Series:

This work is part of a series of paintings where the Cahabonera woman is the main element.  In the first works I did, I present the images realistically but little by little I was interpreting the chromatic aspect of the work to such an extent that I decided in the case of this painting to use a range of green tones, which gives much more chromatic richness to it.  In remote times, the women of Cahabon (CHIKA’JB’OM in the Qeqchí language, which is the mother tongue of the people of this region) used a brown skirt or petticoat made with cotton that they themselves cultivated and a white blouse or guipil which they used to cover their head and shoulders to protect themselves from the intense heat of the sun.

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