Six Pence Bit


Sold By : Ray Istre
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The Six Pence Bit features Colonial Script, the money used in Colonial America, covered by the icon of Bitcoin. The American Colonists were smart enough to know that if they created their own money and put their faith in each other, they could keep more of their profits instead of sending them to King George. The abstractions surrounding the iconic imagery suggest the unknown aspects of Bitcoin. Is it truly revolutionary in its independence or is it simply the introduction of a world wide digital currency controlled by the international bankers?
Ray Istre
Acrylic on paper mounted to painted 11″ x 14″ canvas board.
Pictured image is 8.5″ x 11″ painting mounted to the painted canvas board.
Ready to Hang or can be framed
14″ h x 11″ l x 1″ w
Texas, USA
About the ‘Art of Bitcoin’ series by Ray Istre:
“In celebration of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I have endeavored to create art based on common values. Benjamin Franklin believed that the American Revolution was about English Bankers convincing the King of England to outlaw the money created by Americans called ‘Colonial Script’. This forced the English bankers’ money upon the colonialists, upon which they had to pay interest. Creating their own money cost nothing in interest and the American economy was doing very well. When interest was forced upon them, the economy crashed because profits were taken away. Franklin wrote that we would have paid a little tax on tea, but taking our money away was too much. This form of revolution has taken hold in every culture around the globe. With all of this in mind, is it time for a currency that is not under the thumb of the Federal Reserve, IMF and government control? Is cryptocurrency that form of money? Is the American Federal Reserve the England of the 1770′s? or the Ghengis Khan of China?”

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