Squares in a World of Circles 2


The second one in my 12×12 series about being different. In a cookie cutter world you may feel like the odd person out but so what? Different is a good thing. It can really be refreshing to be the square among the circles. If we are always trying to fit in, we will lose ourselves and soon we won’t even recognize ourselves. Is this what we want? Be the square (rectangle), whatever, just be you.

*Note: Contextual images are for illustrative purposes and are not necessarily to scale. Click the “See It On The Wall” button to view this art to scale.

  • : Mixed Media
  • : Stretched Canvas
  • : Acrylic
  • : No
  • : yes
  • : Signed on Front
  • : 2018
  • : Toronto, Canada
  • : 12"x12"x1.5"

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