Wild Flowers


“Another artwork for my flowers series dedicated to my mon, all women and all moms in the world.  To create this painting, I used thick paint to create flowers and some interesting parts of the painting.  Many hours, layers of colors, I used my fingers to create movements.  I like when my paintings are unstructured and give me the liberty to play with the forms in an unusual technique.”

Marie Manon
Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting on Stretched Canvas
Ready to Hang
Signed on front and back
30″ x 30″


In stock

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About the Artist

Marie Manon

Marie Manon

Marie-Manon is a visual artist, specializing in impressionistic, abstract and contemporary composition. Born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1960. Manon had a career in finance, even though her father, recognizing her talent, always encouraged her to become an artist. Since retiring, she now has time to focus full-time doing just that. Manon feels that it is like a rebirth. It feeds her soul. The canvases provide an outlet for her emotions, imagination and creativity. Boldly embracing her new profession, she studied for several years at the Calgary School of Art. She took part in workshops with Jean Pederson and Mario Robinson and is continuing her education with workshops, private instruction and group art classes in Calgary. She has participated in numerous art exhibitions in and around Calgary and her work has been sold to many private collectors and is presented in a variety of commercial and professional contexts. Her paintings are created through spontaneous and intuitive responses, while being engaged in her work. Her style is mixed media, incorporating shapes and bold or sometimes soft colors in layers. Each canvas is emotionally charged, which is demonstrated through the brush and finger strokes and other elements. What emerges is a very emotional and personal visual display. Solo/Group Exhibition 2015: Love Show, Art Spot, Calgary “Raw GRANDEUR”, Standard, Calgary Permanent Exhibition at Chiropractic Family Care Centre, Calgary Smoke & Mirrors - Donated painting for Calgary Humane Society Motion in Art - Inglewood Community Centre, Calgary Speed Painting Team - Art Battle fundraiser for Mental Health Aware Splash Art Market - Calgary Tangent - CAVA, Edmonton Proposition Abstraite - Alberta Cultural Days, Calgary Art Spot - Calgary Solo/Group Exhibition 2016: Motion Gallery Centre d’Arts visual de l’Alberta Art Spot FosterMak Solo/Group Exhibition 2017 : Essential Living Design Trade (on going) Art Spot – Annual events Motion Gallery 2014 - 2018 Centre d’Arts visual de l’Alberta (on going) FosterMak - Gathering FosterMak - Collecto FosterMak - Local Art Series 1 Solo/Group Exhibition 2018: Motion Gallery 2014 - 2018 Essential Living Design Trade (on going) Hearther and Co. (Interior decorator boutique) Centre d’Arts visuel de l’Alberta (on going) Publications: Collective Minds Inc Magazine First Edition Photo credit for Abstract Acrylic Workshop – Venus Studios, Palm Desert CA Inspiration Art Book, Edition 2016 Professional Artist Magazine December 2017 Education: Bermuda Art School Calgary School of Art Beyond Borders / Jean Pederson, Mario Robinson (International artist instructors) Danielle Bartlette / NeonMilkShake.com Robert Burridge/ International Artist Instructor Michael J. Downs / Canadian Professional artist instructor Danielle Bartlette / professional Canadian artist instructor (private lessons) Corporate projects: Truman, master home builder / Show homes Street Side Developments (Award-winning builder) Maillot homes / 6 months exhibitions project Corporate Art Collectors Ed. Brunet and Associates - Gatineau, Quebec Mountain Therapy - Canmore, Alberta Dr. Jeannette Soriano - Calgary, Alberta International Collectors/ Countries United States Qatar London / United Kingdom New projects : Artworks printed on wallpaper Prints of artworks available

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