Desperate Times

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“Being a pioneer isn’t easy.  Sometimes desperate times call for pushing Miners to the max.  This Miner is enjoying a well-deserved retirement after his PCI interface was scortched from over-use.  Encased in 7 layers of polyester resin, the front of this GPU has an excerpt from the Ethereum whitepaper and sports the symbol of Ethereum right over it’s central fan.  This electronic resin sculpture is represented by a smart contract that records ownership history and dictates the terms of it’s purchase and resale. It can be bought, set for sale and traded at any time, with an Ether resale royalty automatically paid to the artist.  The smart contract address is forever embedded into the right-hand corner of the work, so that crypto enthusiasts of the future will always know where to find the immutable provenance of this crypto artifact.”

“This piece is from my ‘Retired Miners’ series.  The electronic resin sculptures in this series explore what happens to hard-working GPU mining rigs after they are decommissioned and replaced by newer models.  Cryptocurrency mining is essential to the operation of PoW (Proof of Work) blockchains, but it has come under fire because it uses an extraordinary amount of energy to solve mathematical equations for an economic reward.   Some say this is excessive and socially undesirable.  Regardless of your view on the matter, I believe mining hardware should be protected and put on display so that it can be remembered for it’s important contribution to making a more decentralized world.  That is why each piece in the Retired Miners series is protected by polyester resin and contains an important artifact of cryptocurrency history.”

“Desperate Times” by ETHAnon
Retired Miners Series of Sculptures
Electronic GPU sculpture encased in polyester resin
Signed on right side of GPU
9 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ x 2 1/2″
Calgary, Canada

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