It finally happened, you left the parental nest and moved into your very first home. Boxes are unpacked.  Internet is connected. There may be a houseplant to water but somehow you just aren’t feeling a sense of ownership. Your space is missing that personal touch to turn your four walls into a home. There’s no excuse for living months or even years with bare walls just because you’re intimidated with the thought of buying original art.

Most people can agree that art completes a room. The internet launched the age of the online gallery making the journey easy and fun rather than snobby and confusing. Now more than ever, art is accessible to a wider range of buyers including apartment residents and first-time homebuyers. Sites providing easy-to-digest information allows a first time buyer to go from novice to enthusiast just by browsing from the comfort of their home.

I recently discovered UppstArt a user-friendly digital market place for original art. Based in Calgary, this easy-to-browse website sorts more than 600 offerings by style, subject and medium.  Their curated selection of art includes abstract paintings, landscapes, photography, and Inuit sculptures by emerging and established artists, both local and from around the world.

That doesn’t mean that everything is expensive. They offer a whole selection of art under $250.00.  No matter your price point, art is an investment. Browsing UppstArt is a great way to buy art online without spending your entire decorating budget. Another feature they provide is an art visualizer that allows you to digitally review the art on your wall. The art arrives ready to hang and the shipping is free, on top of this amazing customer service they also offer a seven-day hassle free money back guarantee. When you’re ready to redecorate in five years you have the option to resell the piece on the UppstArt website, instead of it collecting dust in storage.  Being socially responsible, UppstArt delivers royalties on resales on their site, creating a life long income for the artists. This isn’t just your average e-commerce site they provide an information channel for buyers, a curatorial service for artists and state of the art technology to preserve and secure provenance.

The hunt for the perfect piece of art is in itself is a journey that brings more than just the sense of satisfaction when you first hang it. The personal connection that speaks directly to you is just one of the benefits of owning original art. I wish you safe travels as you take the first steps towards starting your personal collection.

Susan Kennedy


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