Artist FAQ

Why Sell Art on UppstArt?

  • Low 20% commission
  • Non-exclusive
  • No listing fees
  • Receive resale commissions when your art resells on our resale market

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General FAQ

What is UppstArt?
UppstArt is a new type of online marketplace for original artwork where art lovers can buy art directly from independent artists and re-sell it whenever they want. Provenance and other information about the artwork you buy on UppstArt is publicly and unalterably recorded on digital certificates of authenticity using blockchain technology and artists automatically receive a 4% resale commission whenever their artwork is resold on UppstArt’s integrated re-sale marketplace (which is currently under development)
Why Are You Doing This?
Put simply, we love artists and the rare and unique original artwork that they create. We think artists should be able to participate in the increase in value of their artwork when it is re-sold on the secondary art market. UppstArt’s mission is to provide artists with a low-commission, non-exclusive option to sell their artwork to a global marketplace and receive a supplementary revenue stream in the form of resale commissions if their artwork is resold in the future.
Why Pay A Resale Commission to Artists?
Artist Resale Rights (ARR) exist in 93 countries in the world but do not exist in Canada or the US. ARR legislation varies depending on the country, but the common theme is that artists are paid some form of resale royalty when their artwork sells on the secondary market through a gallery or auction-house. UppstArt gives Canadian and US artists the option to sell their art through an online curated marketplace that provides something similar to what they would receive if they had the benefit of ARR legislation. In other words, we provide artists with an innovative and commercially-available solution to a problem that government is either unwilling or unable to address through laws.
What are the Key Benefits to Artists?
UppstArt artists benefit from a very low 20% commission on sales, non-exclusive listing, no listing or other fees apart from our commission, portfolio tracking on our resale marketplace, secure & transparent provenance and transaction history and a 4% resale commission if their artwork resells on UppstArt.
How Does It Work?
Artwork on Uppstart can be purchased directly from artists for Canadian or US dollars or other currency, exactly like a normal e-commerce website. When you buy artwork on UppstArt, the provenance information, transaction data and a digitally encoded image of the artwork is securely recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and a digital certificate of authenticity is generated for your artwork. An example digital certificate of authenticity can be seen at When you want to re-sell your artwork on UppstArt or purchase artwork on our re-sale marketplace, then you must use Ether to do so. Ether is a type of “general purpose” cryptocurrency that is needed to power our blockchain smart contracts on our resale marketplace so that you get all of the benefits of trustless transacting, transparency and fraud protection that are so valuable when transacting with other people who you do not know or trust over the internet. Our resale marketplace is currently under development but we will be launching it soon, along with more information on how it works. In the mean time, feel free to buy art on UppstArt directly from our talented independent artists.

Applying to Sell Art

How Do I Register As An Artist?
To apply to be an artist on Uppstart, please fill out the application form here.
Is There a Cost to Sign Up as an Artist?
No. There are no fees to apply to be an UppstArt artist or list your works for sale on UppstArt. The only fee we charge to artsts is our 20% commission.
How Long Does it Take to be Approved to Sell?
After applying, our jurying committee will review the information you have submitted and will decide whether to approve you to sell on UppstArt. The process typically takes two days but can take up to a week or more depending on the volume of applications we are processing at the time.

Listing Art For Sale

How do I List Artwork for Sale?

Once you have submitted your application and have been accepted as an artist, please use this form to upload all of your art. There will be detailed instructions on that page. You can also find the form in the top navigation bar “upload art” and the footer of the site “upload art”. 

When you are approved to sell art, please do not use the “add product” button in the admin bar at the very top of your screen or in your admin panel. 

How Many Works Can I List on UppstArt?
There is no limit to the amount of works of art that you may list on UppstArt.
What Type of Art Does UppstArt Allow on the Site?
Currently we accept original paintings, mixed media, sculpture and limited edition prints, limited edition photography and limited edition digital art (provided it is printed and ready to hang)
Do I Need to Sell a Minimum Number of Works to Remain on UppstArt?
No. Currently we have no minimum sale restrictions.
How Do I Remove One of My Works from UppstArt or Change the Price, Description etc.?

You can remove a work or change the details at any time through your admin panel after you are approved as an artist. Click here for instructions on how to do so. 

Can Potential Buyers Contact Me With Offers?
Yes, and if you would still like to sell through UppstArt after you have made a deal with a potential buyer (to benefit from the secure provenance, resale commissions etc. or because you think we deserve to be included in the sale), then we can lower the sale price to the agreed-upon price. Unlike other marketplaces for art, we don’t contractually “force” our artists to pay us a commission if buyers find you through UppstArt but contact you directly for a sale. However, we leave it up to you as to whether you want to involve UppstArt in a sale that ultimately happened because of our marketing efforts. It’s your business after all, and part of good business is fostering good relationships with the people that are trying to help you (i.e. UppstArt).

Selling Your Art Elsewhere

Can I Sell My Art Elsewhere?
Yes. UppstArt is non-exclusive. You may sell your art anywhere you like, provided that you promptly inform us if a work has sold through a different sales channel.
What if the art on my website is priced less than my same art on UppstArt?
That’s perfectly ok! You have higher “overhead” on UppstArt because you need to factor shipping, insurance taxes etc. into the price of your art. The art you have listed on your own website or other channels may not have the same pricing factors to build in.

Making Sales

What Happens When Someone Purchases My Art?
You will be immediately notified of purchases of your art via email, at which point you have 72 hours to ship the art to the purchaser’s address and provide UppstArt with the shipping tracking number. When the artwork is delivered to the purchaser, the purchaser will have 7 days to elect to return the art to you at their expense. When the return period expires, you will receive your 80% commission.
If the Buyer Returns Art, Who Pays for Shipping?
If the Buyer elects to return their artwork within the 7 day return period then they are responsible for the cost of return shipping. In such a circumstance, they are also responsible for the artist’s cost of shipping the art to them in the first place. When the artwork is returned to the artist in good condition then UppstArt will refund the purchase price to the buyer, less the artist’s cost of shipping. This arrangement is to prevent unfairness to the artist in circumstances where art is returned to them and they receive no payment through no fault of their own, but they are out of pocket for their cost of shipping.
What is the Commission Charged by UppstArt?
UppstArt charges a 20% commission to the artist on initial sales of their artwork and we charge a 20% commission to the buyer when they resell their artwork on our resale marketplace, 4% of which goes to the original artist.
How Does UppstArt Deal With Shipping?
Shipping of artwork listed for sale by the original artist on UppstArt is free to anywhere in the US or Canada. As such, all prices of artwork listed for sale by the original artist are inclusive of shipping and insurance costs incurred by the artist. Artists must pre-estimate and factor shipping and insurance into the final prices they provide to UppstArt. Shipping estimates can be easily obtained by online shipping calculators such as those provided by FedEx, UPS, DHL, Canada Post or USPS. We also have pricing, packaging and shipping guidelines available to our artists to help them through the process. If an artist wishes to sell outside of Canada and the US, then they must provide us with an additional fee that they would like us to charge the buyer for international purchasers.
What Happens if My Art Is Lost or Damaged When Shipping to the Buyer?
If a work is lost or damaged in shipping then we will assist you in making a claim against the carrier to recover the value of the artwork. This happens very infrequently in the industry and we have not yet had any issues with loss or damage in shipping.
What Happens if My Art is Lost or Damaged When A Buyer is Returning It?
If a buyer returns your artwork and it is damaged then please notify us and we will open a dispute ticket and assist you in recovering the value of your artwork. Typically in this rare situation the purchaser would make a claim against the carrier and then you would recover the funds from the purchaser.

Resale Marketplace

How Does the Resale Commission Work?
Buyers who purchase art on UppstArt may sell their art on our blockchain resale marketplace at any time for a 20% commission, 4% of which is paid to the original artist. To receive a resale commission, the artist must provide us with their Ethereum wallet address to make payments to before their art is listed by a buyer for resale. A wallet address can easily be obtained at a reputable exchange like or When art is resold on our resale marketplace and the transaction closes successfully, then the artist’s 4% commission (paid in Ether) will be automatically sent to their Ethereum wallet address. We realize that some artists may be uncomfortable with receiving their resale commission in Ether. However, it’s important to note that we are doing it this way so that the technology can function correctly and the artist can get all of the benefits that blockchain technology provides. For example, you can’t send Canadian or US Dollars into a smart contract (which is essentially just lines of code on the internet) that holds funds until the buyer confirms release, unalterably records information about artwork and automatically pays a resale commission to the original artist all without the need for a bank or other intermediary.
How Can I Get Help?
Please email if you require assistance.

Ready to Sign Up?

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