Buyer FAQ

What Is UppstArt?

UppstArt is an online marketplace for art where you can buy authentic, original art directly from independent artists all over the world.

UppstArt is all about authenticity.  That’s why the history (or “provenance”) of the artwork you buy on UppstArt is publicly and unalterably recorded on digital certificates of authenticity using blockchain technology so that the authenticity of your artwork will always be assured.

If you ever want to switch up your home decor, you can sell your artwork at any time on our resale marketplace for a low 20% commission, a portion of which (4%) goes to the original artist as a resale royalty to support the advancement of their artistic careers.

Why Are You Doing This?

Put simply, we love artists and the rare and unique original artwork that they create. We think artists should be able to participate in the increase in value of their artwork when it is re-sold on the secondary art market. UppstArt’s mission is to provide artists with a low-commission, non-exclusive option to sell their artwork to a global marketplace and receive a supplementary revenue stream in the form of resale commissions if their artwork is resold in the future.

Why Should I Buy Art on UppstArt?

When you buy art on UppstArt, you can see all of the transaction and sales history of a particular artist to ensure you are paying fair price for your artwork. All provenance and transactional information is also publicly and unalterably recorded to help ensure that the art you are buying is authentic. You receive a digital certificate of authenticity with your purchase of artwork on UppstArt so that you do not need to deal with fragile paper certificates of authenticity. Additionally, we offer free shipping anywhere in Canada or the US, 7-day returns, an easy artwork discovery process, the ability to see art on your own wall and much more.

How Does It Work?

Artwork on Uppstart can be purchased directly from artists for Canadian or US dollars or other currency, exactly like a normal e-commerce website. When you buy artwork on UppstArt, the provenance information, transaction data and a digitally encoded image of the artwork is securely recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and a digital certificate of authenticity is generated for your artwork. An example digital certificate of authenticity can be seen here. When you want to re-sell your artwork on UppstArt or purchase artwork on our re-sale marketplace, then you must use Ether to do so. Ether is a type of “general purpose” cryptocurrency that is needed to power our blockchain smart contracts on our resale marketplace so that you get all of the benefits of trustless transacting, transparency and fraud protection that are so valuable when transacting with other people who you do not know or trust over the internet. Our resale marketplace is currently under development but we will be launching it soon, along with more information on how it works. In the mean time, feel free to buy art on UppstArt directly from our talented independent artists.

How Can I Get Help?

Please email if you require assistance.

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