Lady Lazarus


This piece is from a series in process called The Writing On the Wall, portraits of writers and poets in my trademark square foot format. Like Plath herself, the portrait is a puzzle, a collection of small symbols. The title is the title of one of her most disturbing poems. The bees are in reference to her father, whom she immortalized in her brutal work. He wrote a book on bees. Her son, whom she left behind and who later also committed suicide, studied fish. Plath’s favourite colour was red. She wrote about bones and roses.

A collagist is always looking, always deconstructing and reconstructing. From dentist waiting room magazines to church hymnals to art history masterpieces at the museum to nightclub flyers, my mind is constantly snipping, juxtaposing, discovering, experimenting, replacing, gluing over, scraping back layers, recontextualizing. I am driven by eclectic curiosity, and by the joy of juxtaposition. My work is a curiosity cabinet and an apothecary of magic potions and spells. It is poetry, and a surreal dream. It is the frantic pace of the city and the magnificent silence of the night. It is about love and death and the sacred and inane, and the absurdity and beauty in all things.

  • : Mixed Media
  • : Stretched Canvas
  • : Acrylic | Watercolor | Pencil | Paper | Pastel
  • : No
  • : yes
  • : Signed On Back
  • : 2018
  • : Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • : 12x12x.75
  • : This piece is an homage to poet Sylvia Plath, with collage pieces responding to themes in her poetry or life.
  • : My imagination and passion is wide ranging and unique, but my square foot collage pieces are incomplete stories. They suggest new narratives to each viewer based on his or her experiences, not just my own. I'm inviting you into my dreams, observations, and world travels, but I'm asking to be part of yours, too.
  • : I price my line of square foot work at $250 Canadian anywhere you will see it, online, in galleries, in different online venues, and the source will add shipping reflective of their service. I'm adding $25 for shipping. Although my larger canvases reflect my years of painting and my experience exhibiting extensively in Canada as well as abroad, I am committed to keeping a product line that is affordable and approachable for all so that my originals are accessible to all audiences.

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