Margot Morrell

“The natural landscape surrounding us has so many sensual qualities such as smell, sound, texture, energy, etc. etc. Experiencing these qualities while painting outdoor is very exciting. Whether on the coast, the prairies or in the mountains I find freedom, beauty and rejuvenating energy in nature. I try to capture interesting light, mood, colors or magic of the place as simply as possible”

Lake Louise and the Moon


This painting is a nocturne (a night landscape)

  • : Painting
  • : Stretched Canvas
  • : Oil
  • : No
  • : yes
  • : Signed on Front
  • : 2018
  • : Calgary, AB
  • : 20: x 20"

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About the Artist

Margot Morrell

Margot Morrell

Margot’s journey as an artist began with black and white photography. She came to Canada 30 years ago, armed with a camera and some of her own darkroom equipment. Those first years were important in forming her way of seeing. She later studied painting at Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary but her early experience with photography had a lasting impact on the way she approaches her paintings. She enjoys painting landscapes and the beauty of nature inspires her endlessly. She loves walking, biking, traveling and always looks for new ideas for her next painting. She loves vibrant, saturated colors and applies her paints with energy and decisiveness. Vigorous and deliberate brushwork is as exciting to her as gorgeous colors. Margot devotes her summer months to painting en plein air. She has been participating in annual Plein Air Challenge events and has placed second in 2013 and first in 2014 in Alberta, Canada. She takes part in numerous art shows throughout the year. Her favorite subjects matter is water and in the winter, snow. “Water invites and challenges to capture its constantly changing color, light, transparency, reflections and movement. There are also its more elusive qualities such as weight, depth, power, temperature, attitude, luxurious silkiness, poetry, etc. etc. And water forces one to paint fast!” Her primary mediums are oil and acrylic paint. Affiliations: Just Imajan Art Gallery Ruberto Ostberg Gallery Leighton Art Centre Federation of Canadian Artists Calgary Artists Society