Sheryl Keen

Self Constructed World


Self Constructed World is an ideal place that we build and see in our minds’ eye. It is a world constructed by us where we are empowered and in total control of our lives and destiny. We can all ask the question, what kind of world do we see when we close our eyes and imagine. Can we build it? The answer is yes we can. First we construct it in our minds and then we bring it out into our physical space.

*Note: Contextual images are for illustrative purposes and are not necessarily to scale. Click the “See It On The Wall” button to view this art to scale.

  • : Mixed Media
  • : Stretched Canvas
  • : Acrylic
  • : No
  • : yes
  • : Signed on Front
  • : 2018
  • : Toronto, Canada
  • : 16"x20"x1.5"d

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