Ashvin Harrison

I aim to express the beauty in existence through my unique made up style of art. You will see the use of charcoal in all my art pieces as I'm driven to use this dead tree matter to create beautiful representations of life. Through the use of paint, I express my emotions. When you purchase one of my original paintings, you will notice the alluring colour, expressive sense of motion and the fine detailed charcoal brushwork. My art keeps me motivated to enjoy the beautiful nature around me, whilst nature inspires me to create art each day... Charcoal is my voice.

The Butterfly Blue


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This large butterfly painting has my usual charcoal ‘painted’ realistic body and some abstract splattered acrylic wings. I’ve been working on creating a smoother blend between my acrylic watercolour looking blend and the resin-like pour. I’m starting to move away from the resin works as it limits my ability to create movement. So here is my most recent focus on bringing back my original watercolour looking acrylics style in mixing with a resin-like splash throughout. I feel this works really well.

  • : Painting
  • : Stretched Canvas
  • : Acrylic | Charcoal
  • : No
  • : yes
  • : Signed on Front
  • : 2019
  • : Australia
  • : 48 x 36 x 1.5"

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