Jill Lefkowitz

Jill was born in Queens, New York, and studied painting at NYU. Her two-dimensional canvases reflect influences and cultures from all over the world. Jill’s paintings emerge as sculptural illusions, created by the use of abundant color. While attending NYU, she visited the great museums Of New York, which were inspirational in her artistic evolution. This inspiration and evolution led Jill to work on three-dimensional surfaces, such as shoes, barrels, guitars, and vases. Jill continues to expand her artistic impulses by finding new three-dimensional surfaces to paint and continues to paint on canvas. Various galleries, and venues, such as the Coral Springs Museum of Art, the Frank C. Ortis Art Gallery and Exhibit Hall, BACA, Studio 18 at the Pines, and Art Synergy at Art Palm Beach have exhibited Jill's work.