Jen Walls

There is malarkey here. And there. And everywhere I look. I want to grab it all and paint it into whimsical girls, moody abstracts and soulful creatures. The journey of my own existence, so serious and grown up, juxtaposes a riot of color, texture and play​. The studio is my kingdom, and sometimes the paintings let me reign. On off days, there is a wild rumpus of characters and creatures bossing me around, and on those occasions there are abstracts - other worlds where I can paint alone while the studio kids chatter amongst themselves. The foundation of my work is experimentation, discipline, repetition, tenacity, intuition and exploration, along with paint, pen and paper. Is there another way to create? None that I know. My paintings live in collections across the United States, Europe and Canada. Works are displayed in juried shows, galleries and festivals. There are award ribbons hanging on my wall - enough to make me feel very lucky. Little pieces of me live on in multiple publications, including several books and magazines. I've been the featured artist in many venues, and a three-time artist-in-residence at a gallery in Ireland. My demos and workshops help others find their creative inner wild child, and I am delighted to give public talks on the business of art.

We Went Left Instead of Right


“We Went Left Instead of Right” – mixed media on 300 lb watercolor paper, 15″ x 22″. Deckled edges. Ready to frame.

How about some free play in the studio? For this piece, I put down thick gesso over an old painting, then carved through it with a chopstick. Once dry, I turned the paper repeatedly, examining the lines and looking for shapes. There! A foot! There! A moon! A bird! An antlered beast! The more I look at this, the more I am drawn into the painting, There are STORIES in here! It’s a little like fall down the rabbit hole. You can bet I will try this again. An EXTRAORDINARY amount of fun.

​This piece is sold unframed. It will be shipped flat, carefully packaged in mostly repurposed shipping materials.

This item is an original work of art. Copyright owned by Jen Walls.

(In home photo Designed by Freepik. Painting size in display photo is estimated. Please refer to painting dimensions for accurate sizing)

  • : Painting
  • : Paper
  • : Watercolor
  • : No
  • : no
  • : Signed on Front
  • : 2018
  • : Plantation, Florida, USA
  • : 22"w x 15"h x .25"d

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