We Make Selling Art Easy

We know it’s difficult to create amazing art while at the same time trying to market it, sell it and deal with all of the million other things in your busy life. Let us take care of marketing and selling your art so you can spend more time in the studio creating.

We make selling art online easy, and we do it for a low 20% commission so you keep more money in your pocket when your art sells.

Low 20% Commission

We charge a very low 20% commission for our marketing services, and the best part is you don’t pay us anything until your art sells.


We are non-exclusive so feel free to sell your art anywhere you want! Just let us know if it sells somewhere else so we can take it down from UppstArt.

No Listing Fees

We won’t charge you any listing fees for having your art on UppstArt. After all, we’re the ones who are grateful to have the opportunity to market and sell your amazing work!

Powered by Trusted Technology

We interviewed over 100 artists before we built UppstArt and what they told us is they want more visibility on what happens to their art after the initial sale and artists in Canada and the US want to be fairly compensated with a resale royalty when their artwork sells on the secondary market.

We get it, and we’re listening.

That’s why UppstArt is the first online marketplace for original artwork to use blockchain technology to track your artwork on the secondary market and pay you a resale royalty every time your art re-sells.

We want to make sure you are fairly compensated when your art appreciates in value and resells in the future. You are the one driving the increase in value of your artwork on the secondary market so you should be the one to get paid!

Track Your Portfolio

See when your artwork resells on the secondary market, for how much and where in the world it was sold to. Gain unprecedented visibility into what is happening to your art after the initial sale so you can price your artwork accordingly!

Certified Provenance

We use blockchain technology to immutably and publicly record the provenance information of your artwork to help prevent fraud, fakes, forgeries and mis-attribution.

Resale Royalties

We pay our artists a 4% resale royalty every time their artwork sells on our resale marketplace.

So Many Benefits!

Here’s some other great benefits of being an UppstArt artist:

  • Featured artist articles
  • Exposure to our huge mailing list of art lovers & collectors
  • List your website and social media links on your profile (the “other guys” won’t let you do this because they don’t want traffic to go to your personal site)
  • Access to commission requests from our collectors
  • Your art will be posted on our social media accounts and will be exposed to thousands of our followers
  • Secure & free online payment processing (we take on the 2.9% processing fee charged by our payment processor)
  • Attention from our art curators who jury & review your art
  • paid online + offline marketing and advertising
  • Dedicated support
  • Display as many images of your art as you want; see your art on custom walls
  • Get in on the “ground floor” of an exciting new art marketplace – your art won’t be “lost” in the mix of hundreds of thousands of other artists like most other popular art marketplaces
  • Support a movement that is promoting the interests of artist’s resale rights, emerging artists, minority artists, and disadvantaged & disabled artists
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